T-Minus 14 Days

We leave in two weeks, and I feel ever so slightly like I’m entering an alternate universe, suspended between my friends who go to work everyday, and my own job searching and day to day activities, and this life changing circumstance that I’m about to undertake.  I joined a hikers forum for other women who are walking the Camino and read this today….

We’ve been walking for 7 days now and we are in Villafranco los Barrios on the VDLP. My hips and knees have been hurting so much at night that I haven’t been able to sleep well. I also developed three blisters ( not a single one on the Frances) the blisters are healing well, but these aching knees and hips are still with me. The same thing happened to me on the Frances. I had three nights of hip and leg pain and then it just got better. I will get through this. We have a 27 km walk tomorrow. 😳😭. God bless my little broken body!!!

I have a hard time imagining this, even though I’ve been having some hip pain myself and had a cortisone shot in my hip yesterday.  I’ve been doing lots of training and have so far not had a single blister, although a few structural aches and pains.  But it makes me realize that 7 days on the Camino are vastly different than 7 days in the rest of the world. Vaya con huevos.  Spain here we come.


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