At about 7 a.m. Michigan time we arrived at St. Jean Pied-de-Port, pretty beat after 14h of travel. But the trip was happily uneventful… mostly. We discovered that our Air France flight from Detroit to Paris was actually operated by Delta. We sat in front of a completely vacant AF desk for more than an hour. Joycee even went up and asked the one lone dude who appeared around 4:30, but he said the desk didn’t open til 5. When it did open we were mixed in with a college group on an 8 p.m. flight (ours was at 6) and the desk attendant was extremely surprised that we hadn’t gone to Delta. There was no indication on my receipt about it and I’d been unable to print boarding passes. So, we sprinted to the gate and were the last people to board.

Our second flight from Paris to Biarritz was quiet and provided Joycee the opportunity to have a nap. We met two nice women from Finland also headed to St. Jean and shared a cab with them from the airport, with a tourist-friendly cabbie. He dropped us in the center of the town and we had to wander a bit to get our bearings.

Next up – nap, shower, dinner!


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