The 7th Day She Rested

Since my knee was totally killing me last night we decided to take a respite day. We sat in the albergue and watched every one pack up. They try to be quiet but with 20 people zipping, snapping and whispering it’s nearly impossible to sleep. But it’s nice not to feel compelled to move, especially when we’ve been moving so much. We packed up our gear and put it in the pack room while we walked into town. My goal for the day was to do as little walking as possible (nonetheless 10Km) and see if I could get some counsel about my knee. We’d spent the overnight in Puente de la Reina known for this iconic bridge.

We stopped in to a lovely place for croissant and coffee and got our bearings. I realized then how helpful our group has been. Although no Spaniards, there’s a woman from Texas, another from Brazil and a 3rd from D.C. who was originally from the DR so they had been helping us with reservations and advice over these last several days. But I managed with my pigeon Spanish. We went into a second farmacia, and with a few blank stares and some gesticulating , I managed to get one level up from Advil. Then we actually went to a medical centro (I think a clinic) and I went through some gymnastics explaining my issue to what I think was probably an RN or LPN. I got a shot of anti inflammatory something or other in my fanny and within a few hours started to feel a bit better. It’s a little disconcerting to get a shot of something you don’t 100% recognize but I definitely feel better, so as long as I don’t start spitting or foaming about the mouth I guess I’m good. 
It was fun just to be wandering around. We had lunch in a cool combination bar/clothing store/cafe/wine merchant with a super yummy heirloom tomato fresh mozz salad and “quiche” although nothing like ours. There was a flea market just getting underway and Joycee got a cool pair of super lightweight balloony pants to wear as PJ’s. Leggings become tiresome after a while.
We then had to navigate getting a bus to the next town. We decided to stay on the same schedule as our friends who have been really fun to walk with. The hardest bit was navigating the route from the central bus station to the albergue where we are tonight. I went into a bar and had a completely comical conversation about the location of this place. A kind older man did a little dance and gestured and repeated and repeated and got us headed in the right direction. I then asked a policeman and had better luck understanding him. We made it. We got a little private room in this Cappucin run albergue. Pretty modern and austere, clean and quiet. You begin to really appreciate a private shower and bath as well as real sheets.


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