Sunday, Estella to Los Arcos

We were back waking today. The weather has been incredible so far. The days start out chilly but then by late morning it’s completely lovely. Cloudless deep blue skies. Each day the terrain has been a bit different and today we had vineyards, olive trees and those same lovely fields of yellow flowers. As a little added bonus, from time to time there are bursts of little red poppies at the edges of the fields. We walked up and down soft rollling hills sliced by wide dusty sandy roads. By the time we got here everyone had sandy clay-red dust to the knees.
While actually walking on the Camino to me it feels like being in a river. There’s a certain flow that feels very liquid although it’s really anything but. It’s a difficult thing to articulate. You walk along, sometimes chatting with your neighbor sometimes not and there’s a background patter of clicking poles and your feet tap tapping on the road, and the swish of hiking fabric which clads nearly everyone. To me it felt more like the scenery is moving around you than you past the scenery. Like I said, hard to articulate. Monotony in motion. Every few hours you step off the river to get a bite to eat or stop for the day and enter back into society where there are children and dogs and other activities but on the Camino it’s just you and 5 or 20 or a hundred others also tap tapping along.

Joycee and I got separated today which was a bit stressful for me. We haven’t necessarily walked hip to hip by any means and we are a loosely gathered group that ebbs and flows to some degree but until today I kept her in my sights and I think me in hers and the group stopped to circle up more often. But today we only went through two towns and at the one place I would have expected her to wait for me she hadn’t and she managed to get pretty far ahead of me. It all turned out OK but we are both wifi dependent for communication in a place where there’s not that much wifi.


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