The US is a wonderful place. We have many luxuries and many things we take for granted.
As we’ve traveled across Spain one thing I’ve noticed is that energy conservation is much more incorporated into daily life here in Europe than in the US.
Do you have a clothes line? Do you use it much? 
Here, on a sunny day, you’ll see signs of drying laundry pretty much everywhere, urban or rural. A clothes line strung in a yard or a portable rack on a balcony. It’s as much a part of the housing scape as pets and window boxes. It’s present regardless of socioeconomics.
In any cafe, when you walk in to use the facilities, the lights are on a timer. If you happen to walk into a “two seater” where someone else entered the adjoining cubby earlier, you just might end up peeing in the dark half way through. Hallways or any room of transient utility is on a timer, almost without exception. This weekend we are staying in our second “nicer” hotel and your room key makes the electricity come on in your room. There’s a little transformer box right inside the door and you stick your key in it make things functional. No charging your laptop while you are at lunch.
None of this is a big deal. It just slides right into place, which just makes me feel… well… sheepish.


One thought on “Energy

  1. Its no wonder you are feeling sheepish Carole. we have seen a lot of sheep in your pictures. Tell Joycee we want more cute posts from her. SHe doesnt getn to take a week off! Have fun! Be safe! Love Geoff


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