Cool Tidbits from the 12th Century

My favorite thing today was the ruin of a nunnery that we went by only 2 miles before the end of our day. It was beautiful and haunting and we crossed right underneath it. Apparently APOC (American Pilgrims on the Camino) has developed an albergue in it, which seems super cool but there’s no electricity. Next time!
Not 50 feet further was this cool open air cafe run by this guy with his dog. He charged $1 for sandwiches and drinks and had lovely music on a boom box. It was nothing special but special at the same time. There are tons of people along the way here who set up lovely little roadside cafes in which they couldn’t possibly make money. They do it because they want to support the pilgrims. You can tel there’s a tremendous pride in the Camino in Spain.
Otherwise today was similar to yesterday. You get a sense of the expansiveness of the plains, a sea of fluttery green ringed by wind farms.
My thoughts are stateside today as my niece Kathryn gave birth yesterday to two tiny sweet twin girls Keelyn and Ryan.❤️


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