To Carrión de los Condes

Yesterday we were up even earlier than usual because… well… everyone was. The future father of Joycee’s children was this extremely handsome young man from Italy. He fell slightly out of favor when he woke up at 4, spent about 20 minutes rustling through his belongings with his headlamp swinging around, then crawled back into bed to repeat the process at 5. He was immediately to my right and by 5:30 I was fully awake and grumpy. None of the albergue nights have been terribly restful for me, but this one was worse than most.
But the dawn has its advantages. Watching and listening to the Camino come alive was peaceful and restful in its own right. We walked for several hours along this very still little river listening to the frogs and birds wake up, rescuing little snails from a woman who was gathering them.
At the end of a hot afternoon we walked into Carrión de los Condes and stayed in the Parroquia de Santa Maria and were serenaded by the sisters, which was sweet. They also did an introduction where people went round the room and indicated where they were from and why they are here. So far Joycee is still the youngest doing the whole distance that we’ve seen.


One thought on “To Carrión de los Condes

  1. Love this! Will I meet my possible future son in law? Was the woman collecting snails for escargot or just cleaning her garden? Wish I was there with you all! Sounds so wonderful and looks even better! xoxo


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