Cruz de Ferro

We were up before the sun because we had another long day today. It was a little spooky leaving the little village we were in, as once we got outside the main drag it was inky black. And because of cloud cover we didn’t have moon or stars to guide us. But within 45 minutes or so the sun was rising and we puttered along in the rain for a bit, slowly climbing up and up. Joycee made pals with a donkey and we had a quick breakfast in a very hipsterish albergue..
We passed by another icon of the Camino today, the Cruz de Ferro. I have read a wide variety of lore about the Cruz and the mound of stones at its base. It is said that you lay a stone at the foot of the cross to ask a blessing or as a symbol of leaving your burdens or sins behind, for yourself or a loved one. We had two little stones with us, one that I carried all the way from Plymouth. I culled it from the garden of my friend Betsy. She has been fighting lymphoma for several months now and finished her last treatment just a few days after we arrived in Spain. The second, we picked up just outside of Léon. On May 1st, my niece Kathryn gave birth to twin girls, one of whom was born with something called HLHS a heart complication that has required her to have surgery already on her tiny little heart ❤️ . But Joycee gathered a little collection of these pretty pink flowers and we had our little moment atop the pile and added our stones along with wishes for good health. And really, just as we were walking up the little slope to the Cruz, the sun burst through the clouds and stayed with us for almost the balance of the day so this felt like a portend of good wishes if ever there was one.
 It was our highest point on the Camino and was truly spectacular. On our second day here we crossed the Pyrenées the first time but it was completely socked in with fog. Today more than made up for it. Mother Nature has done well in these parts.
As of now we have less than 200 km to go before we arrive in Santiago so we are definitely in the home stretch!


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