Getting Closer!

Yesterday was kind of a picture perfect day. It started off with an excellent nights sleep at the little farm with the lambs. We each got a solid 8+ hours which for me has been a rarity.
The terrain we covered was right off the “Visit Spain” tourist pages. Farm fields with a charming old stone house in the distance, rolling hills, fields in varying shades of lush green, or plowed under to expose the rich clay red soul. Little flowers popping up everywhere. The path was mostly contained between two stone walls and wound up and down stone lanes, or next to gently running streams. And we only walked 20 km so it was over before we had a chance to get cranky. We spent the night in Portomarin in a lovely albergue attached to a nice restaurant so we had a good meal and a nice picnic lunch in a park overlooking the river. And this was a big river. The biggest we’ve seen.
Today, Portomarin to Palas del Rei was a different story. It was hot-hot-hot and now that we are just a few days out of Santiago it is also crowded, really crowded. This morning we both found ourselves cranking along at a very brisk pace. I think we both felt like “if we can just get past this group it will be better”, but then we’d come upon another and another and another. We were both drenched by the time we got here, also hot, tired and maybe a little cranky. Probably not entirely fair, but I feel a bit proprietary about the journey at this point. We’ve talked to a few others who felt like this too. Maybe not our best selves.
Anyone know what these things are? They seem a bit funereal but we have not seen them in that context. Over a divider between different parts of someone’s yard. Or entering their yard. Sometimes they have a door in them. We’re confused.


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