Right now we have just under 40 km to go and at this time tomorrow it will be less than 10. We started a month ago today on April 17th. In some ways the time has just flown by and in others it seems like months have passed since we rode in a cab with two women from Finland from the airport in Biarritz to St. Jean. Eyes wide and expectations high.
We had a lovely day of walking today. It was cool and rainy and I can say (a wee bit smugly) that this thinned out the crowds considerably. We had a long walk today so were out before sunrise, occasionally spooking each other in the dark, our breath making steamy puffs in the light of my headlamp. 
We went back and forth talking about what we were most looking forward to once we are done. Different shoes is the unanimous conclusion along with our own beds, own showers, conditioner and blue jeans. Simple pleasures. We talked about favorite foods we were looking forward to and the things we most loved here. We started a swear jar because I fear I’ve corrupted Joycee ever so slightly.’
We’ll arrive in Santiago Friday and will be plain old tourists for a few days, both here in Spain and up in Paris before heading home next Friday the 26th.


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