Heading Out

I’m coming to the tail end of two weeks in Shanghai. I’ve been here with two colleagues from Germany to teach a set of training classes to the Asian Finance Team for ZF. It’s been interesting, exhausting, enlightening, an adventure. I was here for a week in the fall doing the same thing but I … More Heading Out

Sunday Evaporates

I thought I would dust this off.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, nearly two years, but I think about it reasonably often and I’ve done a lot of traveling this past year and expect somewhat more over this next several months, so even for myself it’s a fun place to write … More Sunday Evaporates


As a reward to ourselves for a job well done, we decided to stay in a Parador, which is an upscale hotel here in Santiago and located throughout Spain. Certainly every country has fine hotels but one of the very cool things about these is their history. Ours, El Hostal Reyes Católicos de Santiago de … More Paradores


Right now we are sitting on a bus on our way back from Finisterre, “the End of the Earth”. We’re going back to Santiago to be tourists now and get our Compostella but going out to the Atlantic is something that’s been on my list for this trip. Originally I had thought we might walk … More Santiago 


Right now we have just under 40 km to go and at this time tomorrow it will be less than 10. We started a month ago today on April 17th. In some ways the time has just flown by and in others it seems like months have passed since we rode in a cab with … More T-2

Getting Closer!

Yesterday was kind of a picture perfect day. It started off with an excellent nights sleep at the little farm with the lambs. We each got a solid 8+ hours which for me has been a rarity. The terrain we covered was right off the “Visit Spain” tourist pages. Farm fields with a charming old … More Getting Closer!


Today we walked from Triacastela to Barbadelo, which means that we’ve now entered the more commercial part of the Camino. Apart from getting right with God, the purpose of the Camino for many is getting a Compostella, which occurs in Santiago. You present your “Credencial” which is a Camino Passport (mine is pictured in the … More Compostela 

Rainy Days

We walked in the rain today. Pretty much all day. Insofar as rainy days go, it wasn’t so bad because the temperature was reasonably warm and it wasn’t a downpour, just a soggy that lasted all day. I didn’t take too many photos today because each time meant unzipping which somehow usually meant rain running … More Rainy Days

Cruz de Ferro

We were up before the sun because we had another long day today. It was a little spooky leaving the little village we were in, as once we got outside the main drag it was inky black. And because of cloud cover we didn’t have moon or stars to guide us. But within 45 minutes … More Cruz de Ferro